Kasigra is an application for viewing and editing images generated by atomic force microscope Explorer. Currently it's in early development state and it provides just: Kasigra currently cannot do analysis (line cross-sections, roughness parameters etc.), it only calls extern application and takes its text output.
Kasigra offers basic integration with KDE - thumbnail generator, KFilePlugin (metadata) and Kimgio (KDE applications can open those files as image).
Here you can see some screenshots.
Send bug reports to kasigra@seznam.cz.
If you want another similar application for AFM processing, try Gxsm.


Here you can download latest version of Kasigra, released under GNU GPL. Kasigra needs Linux with KDE 3.x.
Kasigra is distributed without any warranty, use it on your own risk. Here are data files (palettes, kernels).
You can also download three samples or two samples.